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ZOOM DRAIN isn’t a typical franchise system.

We focus on strategic scalability. We started by refining our model shop with strong processes in place. We tackle the common problems so many contractors face, and we do it with proven solutions, ones that work every time.

We foster a cooperative company culture that holds employees for years (turnover hurts business, right?). We hire ambitious, bright people, regardless of their experience, and we teach them in our way. We’re building careers here, not jobs. Now we are systematically replicating this model.

Greetings! I’m Ellen Rohr.  As the Plumber’s Wife, I got involved in my husband, Hotrod’s, company after his partner died unexpectedly.I know what it’s like to wake in the night and worry about not making payroll. Thanks to terrific mentors, open book management and a solid plan, we were able to turn our company around.

I wanted to help others, too. I’ve transformed thousands of companies and with that, the lives of their owners and team members.  I am a columnist for PHC News, a business expert for lots of premier trade groups, and I’ve written four really good books about business.  Not bragging; I know my business, and I know yours.

Along the way, I became president of a home-service company and we took it from zero to $40 million in franchisee sales at 47 locations across the country, in under two years. It was a wild ride. One I am very proud of.

Franchising can be a fantastic model and I wanted to do it again, building on the lessons I learned.  That’s why I am so fired up to share what we are doing with you.

Together, we can create opportunities that are just not available if we wander forward alone. That’s why I’ve partnered with great friends and brilliant businessmen.

Ellen Rohr

Ellen Rohr

Al Levi

Al Levi

Jim Criniti

Jason Criniti

Jason Criniti

Al Levi is an industry veteran whose systematic approach takes companies higher and higher.  He honed his skills in a four-generation, family business and make millions in one of the toughest markets on earth – Long Island, NY.  (Fuggedaboutit!)

When he decided to retire, he developed a turnkey system for his business that would make the transition as seamless as possible.  He created a roadmap for success that included solid operational manuals and a hands-on training center to help his company not only survive, but also thrive.  Al realized that other companies would find great value in his solutions.  So much for retirement!  His goal is to help people find more success with less stress.  He has turned-around companies of all stripes, and has helped family businesses find peace (and a way out.)  Al writes monthly columns for Plumbing & Mechanical and Reeves Journal magazines.  Oh, and he is a great guy!

Jim and Jason Criniti started their drain and sewer company with their dad in Jason’s bedroom in the family home.  The three rode to service calls, with one of them sitting on a bucket between the front seats of their truck.  Those were some tough times!  But Jim and Jason were tough, too, and with hard work and determination, they built a thriving, profitable shop.  Jim served our nation in the Air Force, and Jason is a brilliant technician and Master Plumber.  They are great leaders and people around them respond to that.  They consistently turn rookies into seasoned veterans.  They are now crushing it in two locations, covering the Philadelphia area, and their awesome team is making it all happen.

Al and I met Jim and Jason when they became our clients. We spent a lot of time together and discovered that we share the same vision for a franchise model that transforms a business into the very best it can be…and the people, too. We are walking the talk.

Best of all, we are just not struggling to find great people to work with us.  That’s because we focus on dreams and goals. On our watch, people get good.  And, we create the calls – we call it Strategic Marketing Power! – to keep the team going, and drains flowing.  What excites us is solving the problems – not enough calls and not enough techs – that drive most contractors nuts.

We are super excited about our franchise members!  We’ve expanded to nine locations, and have identified great markets across the country.  (Maybe yours?  Let’s visit!)  Our franchise partners are ambitious, and we are implementing our proven systems to dramatically shorten the time it takes to get big and profitable.  Each franchisee brings a uniques skill set.  Being “in at the beginning” allows each of them to bring their talents and passion to the group. We are better together!

Fast growth is not our driving concern, but finding the right partners is. We’re not looking for everybody; we’re looking for the right people who see what we see and want to make things happen. We’re looking for people who want to create real, positive opportunities for themselves and their team. Is that you?